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What did you think about the Oscars?

My family loves... pretty much any reason for a good soiree. And we always have one for the Oscars. Champagne, yummy picking food and, of course, a cake topped with an Oscar Trophy! For me the fashion, hair, makeup is of interest because I like keeping up with the current trends. What do you think about Billie Eilish's nails?

My girlfriend text me right at the start of the show, and said she was turning it off because of the political statements made. When reading comments on social media the next day, I found that a lot of people felt the same way. 

When Joaquin Phoenix won Best Actor, the first thing he did was campaign for PETA. I understand, I do..your given a platform, a chance to speak to the world; and you want to speak your truth...what you feel everyone needs to hear. But, we kinda just signed up for a night of handsome men in tuxedos, incredible gowns, and speeches that make your cry, like Laura Dern's. What do you think? 

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