Leave your troubles at the door


Who would of ever thought that we would see such a pandemic in our life time. I live in NJ, and we are one of the states being hit hard by this virus. My family is trying our best to adhere to the stay at home way of life. We have limited going out for necessities like food and wine lol.

They say that with all tragedy's, there is always something positive that comes from it. Yes, families are spending quality time together, and people are getting projects done that they haven't been able to in years. I still can't get the people out of my head that have lost loved ones or are struggling financially to put food on the table.

I suppose we can only have hope now, hope that after this is all over...we will collectively be better in every way. I will still try to find things for my shop that bring you joy and some comfort. 

Love, Penny 

House of Happy Boutique 


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